Emergency services improved in Villa Grove

FreeportVilla Grove   Emergency Services 1

The city of Villa Grove, Illinois, hired Fehr Graham to design and build an Emergency Services Center. The city tore down the old fire station to make way for a new water treatment plant designed by Fehr Graham.

FreeportVilla Grove   Emergency Services 2

City officials were interested in building a single-story, nearly 8,000-square-foot emergency services building on the west side of Sycamore Street (Route 130). Police officers, firefighters and paramedics have separate spaces in the building. The building is equipped with restrooms, meeting spaces and sleeping rooms. There’s even room to park an ambulance.

The building also features an air refill station and laundry and decontamination spaces. A concrete driveway and parking lot were installed for access to and from Sycamore Street. A sanitary sewer extension and new water service line was required.

Fehr Graham requested that the Illinois Department of Transportation reduce the speed limit on Sycamore Street from 55 mph to 45 mph to improve the safety for the emergency services workers.

The building was completed in June. Fehr Graham supervised and oversaw the demolition of the old fire station, which came down in August.