Fehr Graham secures over $159K in grants for Freeport Park District’s snowmobile trails

Fehr Graham, a leading engineering and environmental firm, helped secure two snowmobile trail grants totaling $159,150 for the Freeport Park District. The grants, awarded under the Illinois Snowmobile Grant (SNOW) program and the Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund (STEF), are part of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources allocation of $392,150 to develop, rehabilitate and maintain snowmobile trails.

The Freeport Park District was awarded $39,150 in SNOW funding to rehabilitate and maintain the Jane Addams Trail for snowmobile use. The Park District received an additional $120,000 in SNOW funding to purchase a tractor to groom the snowmobile trail. The Park District collaborates with the Jane Addams Trail Commission to maintain the trail's condition.

Other SNOW grant recipients are:

The STEF grant recipient is:

Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs secured $76,500 for trail maintenance and operational expenses and $57,500 for consistent trail markings and signage, maintenance and operational expenses.

SNOW provides financial assistance to eligible local units of government to help with purchases, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of snowmobile areas, trails and facilities in Illinois. Snowmobiler registration fees fund the program entirely.

STEF provides financial aid to eligible private snowmobile clubs and organizations in Illinois and helps with construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of snowmobile trails and facilities on public land, designated roads or private land. Funds for STEF come from revenue generated in the state treasurer's Snowmobile Establishment Fund.

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