Keep your workers safe on aerial lifts

Did you know that some changes to the standards for using aerial lifts may affect your business? The team at Fehr Graham is here to help. Updates to the standards for using booms, scissor lifts and under-bridge inspection machines will go into effect on Dec. 10. The new standards issued by the American National Standard Institution (ANSI) will affect businesses that use this equipment. It's important to always keep your workers best interest in mind. 

Aerial Work Platforms, or AWPs, are now called Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, or MEWPs.

 The new standards affect training, job site safety and equipment design.

All aerial lift users - even those who rent this equipment - must develop a risk assessment and site safety plan.

The updates replace ANSI standards, A92.3, A92.5, A92.6 and A92.8.

It's important you are in compliance by Dec. 10. Not sure if you meet the new standards? Your friends at Fehr Graham are happy to help you navigate these and other changes that may apply to your business.

Gordy Koch
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