Roscoe chooses innovative construction process

Fehr Graham introduced a road restoration process option for a segment of frontage road parallel to Illinois Route 251. More than 4,200 feet of roadway segment is rehabilitated through this process, which saves the village money by using less furnished materials.

Full-depth reclamation methods recycle pavement by repairing the base and binder course in a cost-efficient manner. With some minor lane shifting, the road remains open through the process, even while the reclaimed base of the road cures for 5 days before the final hot-mix asphalt surface is laid. The trucking, labor and time requirements are lower than conventional methods because, traditionally, multiple trucks need to haul the old pavement out and bring in new binder.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for clients in the communities where they live and work by providing collaborative, insightful, results-driven solutions. This project is a great example of the mission we strive to accomplish every day. As Roscoe's Village Engineer, Zac offers the expertise to find an alternative solution the village may not have considered. Thank you for entrusting us with your community, Roscoe, Illinois.