Ryan Wicks accepts Inspiring Iowan award

Fehr Graham’s Ryan Wicks accepted the Inspiring Iowan Award at the inaugural IA Magazine launch party on Oct. 2.

Award nominees must have a creative impact, give back and contribute to economic health. Wicks was nominated for leading Manchester’s Good to Great Program, which operates on the premise that “good” is not enough for the 21st Century. Wicks led the city of Manchester toward “great.”

Manchester Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jessica Pape nominated Wicks because he led community-driven projects like the City’s whitewater park.

Pape said Ryan's leadership, creativity, outside-the-box thinking and knowledge of making things happen led to the nominations.

“Manchester is now home to the largest whitewater park in the Midwest,” Pape said.

Wicks said he shares this honor with the City of Manchester.

“That’s how this came together – a group of people in a small town having conversations saying how do we make our place better,” Wicks said.


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