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Sheboygan Falls Park Board gets first look at Tecumseh Park Master Plan


The Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Park Board got a close look at the first draft of the Tecumseh Park Plan at a recent public meeting. Matt Schroeder, Environmental Division Manager, and Dylan Schroeder, Landscape Architect, revealed the first draft and fielded questions from Park Board members on June 10. The new park, which will be built on the former Tecumseh Products site, will include an extended riverwalk, that connects to nearby parks.

While our team works with the Environmental Protection Agency to identify and eliminate any potential risks on site, the final version of the Master Plan is expected to be released in a month. The plans include baseball and softball diamonds, soccer fields, a bandshell, a veteran’s memorial, a pickleball court and other structures to create an inviting and inclusive community space.

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