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When you begin any project or program, it is important to know how it may affect the surrounding area and the rest of the environment. At Fehr Graham, we can serve as your environmental compliance experts in Illinois and throughout the Midwest. We will help your company understand local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations, to ensure your employees and contractors are always safe and compliant. Our team also provides several regulatory compliance services to help protect your community’s environment. At Fehr Graham, our team of environmental experts are trusted by companies of all sizes to provide environmental health and safety services and implement regulatory changes.

Our environmental experts provide a wide array of services to ensure your Illinois-based company’s project or program is compliant. For decades, Fehr Graham has kept clients environmentally compliant through air, wastewater and stormwater permitting, industrial waste management, customized site training and much more for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental clients. No matter where your company is located, the Fehr Graham team provides environmental compliance services on an as-needed basis and has the tools to customize a program that works best for your company.

Employees need to be informed and ready to work before starting an environmental project or program. That is why the environmental health and safety experts at Fehr Graham are always aware of any updated laws, regulations and restrictions as they provide your employees with environmental training that follows guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All our work is customized for your industry.

For industrial clients, environmental compliance is becoming more and more challenging as regulations have become stricter at the local, state and federal levels. This means it is more difficult to stay on top of these changes. Well, that’s where we come in. The Fehr Graham team stays on top of these changes so you can focus on running your business. At Fehr Graham, we offer a full spectrum of environmental services, tailored to meet your company’s unique needs. Our environmental health and safety experts provide the broadest range of compliance capabilities in Illinois.

In addition to providing environmental compliance services, Fehr Graham also offers several other environmental services. We provide environmental permitting, training and OSHA compliance so our clients are always covered. We provide these services to more than 150 clients across the country, helping them find the most cost-effective and efficient ways to maintain regulatory compliance. If you are looking to outsource your environmental, health and safety compliance needs, the team at Fehr Graham can provide customized compliance management outsourcing services. We lend full time on-site support or more flexible, part-time support to fit whatever requirements our industrial clients may have.

Whether you are looking to train your employees how to accurately follow environmental regulations or wanting to outsource your compliance needs, Fehr Graham can help. Our professionals are always willing and eager to help our clients across Illinois and the entire country to ensure all programs run safely, on time and on budget.


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