Your full-service environmental permitting company in Illinois

As a full-service environmental permitting company in Illinois, Fehr Graham has helped secure permits for a wide variety of projects, from highway reconstruction to water main replacement.

Environmental permitting can be overwhelming, especially because each project is unique. Federal, state and local regulations are frequently subject to change. Without a dedicated environmental permitting specialist, businesses and municipalities often struggle to keep up. At Fehr Graham, we understand Illinois environmental permitting requirements inside and out. We help Illinois businesses, developers and municipalities get permits approved so they can operate safely, smoothly and sustainably.


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Navigating the environmental permitting process in Illinois

Environmental permitting is far from straightforward. Before trying to handle the process in-house, consider the following questions:

  • Do you know which permits your project requires and which studies you’ll need to conduct?
  • Do you have the knowledge and resources to secure environmental permits for your Illinois-based business?
  • Do you know who to contact about the environmental permitting process to reach your goal?
  • Are you comfortable meeting with the public as your project undergoes environmental review?
  • Are you able to undertake the reporting, training or monitoring your permit requires?

Securing environmental permits can be time-consuming and challenging. Each project requires different permits, each with its own specifications. Our environmental experts assist every step of the way, from identifying which permits your project needs to preparing and submitting the applications. We also help with studies, reporting, training and monitoring. Our services help companies find more sustainable approaches to business without disrupting operations.


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Our environmental permitting expertise

Our environmental health and safety specialists stay current with environmental regulations to keep you informed and ensure you stay compliant. Our breadth of knowledge and decades of experience make us one of the most trusted environmental permitting companies in Illinois. Examples of our environmental permitting work include:

Partnering with Fehr Graham takes the stress from environmental permitting and keeps your company or municipality ahead of the curve. Not only is our team up to date on regulations, we know about cutting-edge environmental options that can help a project meet permitting requirements more efficiently. From National Environmental Policy Act requirements to local regulations, Fehr Graham can assist with all your environmental permitting needs in Illinois.


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