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As a premier land surveying company in Illinois, Fehr Graham is your go-to partner to gather site data

If you want to start your project off on the right foot, you need a skilled and experienced team of land surveyors who can gather insights about the site and its surroundings. Since 1973, Fehr Graham has provided clients throughout Illinois and the Midwest with efficient, precise and timely land survey data.


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Knowing your land better with the most experienced land surveying company in Illinois

No matter the project, you can trust the Fehr Graham team with all your Illinois land surveying needs. Our information management team provides you with valuable, fast and easy-to-read data on your land. We help you navigate the land surveying process by:

  • Researching your land. Researching the land is a time-intensive process, but it’s essential  to avoid surprises that could derail your project. Our dedicated team understands Illinois survey requirements and will perform the necessary research to keep your project compliant.
  • Gathering data. Our land surveyors use cutting-edge electronic survey technology to collect accurate data. Regardless of parcel size or terrain, we’ll get you accurate, detailed information about your land.
  • Analyzing information. Our team provides you with easy-to-understand data, graphics and videos so you can understand the surveying information and immediately put it to use.

Our expertise and experience in land surveying have created lifelong relationships with clients in Illinois and make us one of the most trusted and respected land surveying firms in the state.


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Some of our land surveying work in Illinois

As a leading land surveying company in Illinois, we are committed to providing our clients the survey data they need to improve the communities where they live and work. From locating property lines to mapping the best layout, we have performed land surveying work for countless clients, including:

Land surveying is a detail-oriented process that demands accuracy. When you partner with Fehr Graham as your land surveying company in Illinois, you are choosing an experienced team to guide you through the process.


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