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From multilane roadways to complex interchanges to accessible pedestrian paths, the team at Fehr Graham provides services for all your transportation engineering needs. We help our clients with each step of a transportation project. We provide design, traffic studies, planning, construction oversight, environmental documentation and agency coordination to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. We exceed the expectations of our clients and have for decades by meeting the needs of today’s drivers, reducing traffic delays and congestion, and creating safe and effective travel for clients throughout Illinois, the Midwest and the country.

Traffic delays plague cities of all sizes across the country. Engineers at Fehr Graham have years of experience helping municipalities and state departments of transportation alleviate this issue. Our team carefully considers and skillfully plans roadways that withstand a high volume of motorists over a long period of time. While we research and design an efficient roadway, we also manage environmental resources, so the finished project is as sustainable as possible while also providing residents with an improved quality of life. When you partner with Fehr Graham as your transportation engineering company in Illinois, you are choosing a team that considers the health and safety of the community first.

An efficiently designed interchange can help reduce vehicle backups and keep traffic flowing. Our team will help determine what type of interchange is best for your situation and quickly provide designs that are easy to understand. Whether you need a cloverleaf for a tight space, a diamond interchange at a highway intersection or a directional interchange to move cars from one freeway to another, our team develops plans for the most efficient solution. A well-designed interchange provides a new level of safety for motorists, and the transportation engineering team at Fehr Graham has successfully finished these projects for clients and municipalities across Illinois.

In addition to motorists, the safety of pedestrians cannot be overlooked. At Fehr Graham, we design accessible sidewalks and pedestrian paths that can withstand heavy foot and bicycle traffic and provide a safe means of travel. A new sidewalk, especially in a busy area, benefits the whole community because pedestrians can quickly and safely reach their destinations. As your transportation engineering company in Illinois, the team at Fehr Graham accounts for the health and safety of your residents, the layout of the surrounding area and any other factors to improve the quality of life in your community.

The safety of residents, customers and pedestrians is the No. 1 concern for any city or business. That is why we help clients in Illinois create a safe experience for the people in their community and have since 1973. Our innovative designs and fast service have earned us a positive reputation with clients throughout the state and all over the Midwest. The transportation engineering team at Fehr Graham will work with you for the entire duration of the project, saving time and money, to ensure a successful product and improved quality of life for everyone in the community.


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