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Fehr Graham's superior municipal engineering services save your Iowa-based firm or municipality time and money and improve surrounding communities.

Developing municipal infrastructure requires understanding community needs and the engineering required to meet them. Fehr Graham partners with municipal leaders who understand their communities inside and out. Our engineering expertise supports your community goals and helps you achieve them in cost-effective ways. Whether designing roads, sidewalks, parks or a wastewater system, Fehr Graham is the municipal engineering company in Iowa that can meet all your needs.


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Develop your project with the engineering experts at Fehr Graham

No matter the project, Fehr Graham can help. Our engineers will make sure projects start off on the right foot, and they’ll advise you along the way. We have decades of experience helping clients with:

  • Roads and sidewalks. As a community grows, so must the roads and sidewalks. Municipal leaders need help creating plans that work for residents — to shorten commutes, keep roads open and provide options for different transit modes. When you work with Fehr Graham, we guide you through materials, dimensions, permitting and construction.
  • Park development. Parks improve communities by making them more enjoyable, sustainable and welcoming. Fehr Graham engineers listen to local needs and desires to help design trails, event areas and other park amenities.
  • Water and wastewater systems. Water and wastewater treatment helps maintain your community’s access to clean, accessible water. Wastewater treatment also preserves natural resources by preventing contaminants from reaching the water system. At Fehr Graham, we have a dedicated team of engineers with decades of experience designing water and wastewater systems. We’re proud to provide Iowa communities with safe and effective methods to treat potable water and wastewater.

Working with Fehr Graham is not just about short-term goals like completing projects. It’s about finding the right solution to bring long-term benefits to your community. We help municipal leaders improve the quality of life in their community through projects that are sustainable and efficient.


Our work as a municipal engineering company in Iowa

Our long history in Iowa has allowed us to complete many projects that have significantly benefited communities. Some examples of our projects include:

Municipal engineering projects require attention to detail and deep understanding of community needs. When you work with Fehr Graham, you are partnering with one of the most reputable engineering firms in Iowa. We are a firm that cares about growing the communities where our clients live and work.


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