Century old bridge replaced for stability, structure


January 2018 to June 2018



» Completed construction inspection services.
» Coordinated utilities.

Bethel Grove Road bridge, built in 1917, needed to be replaced because it was too narrow for agricultural traffic and was structurally unstable. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation hired Fehr Graham to provide construction engineering and inspection services.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had strict work restrictions for the bridge. The site had cricket frogs, a low concern species according to the DNR, so it had to be surrounded by a special type of fabric fencing to keep them from the site. A DNR representative periodically visited to make sure the frogs were not interfering with construction.

It was important to maintain traffic on the bridge because it is near the Lake Joy campsite entrance. Our team wanted the road to be open for camping season, so construction was moved up to start in March instead of June. We worked to keep the campground updated on the progress. We also worked with the appropriate companies to relocate utilities prior to construction.

The bridge was replaced in 2018 and should serve the community for an additional 50 years.