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As a land surveying company in Wisconsin, Fehr Graham helps municipalities and developers get the data they need.

Land surveying requires precision, knowledge of the topography and the ability to use tools and data to triangulate locations. Fehr Graham has an experienced land survey team with the knowledge and skill to determine boundaries, lines of demarcation and map property margins. As your trusted land surveying company in Wisconsin, Fehr Graham can arm you with the information you need to complete your project.


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Learn about your land with Fehr Graham

Fehr Graham has conducted timely and accurate surveys in the Midwest since 1973. We will get you the data you need to:

  • Determine land boundaries to complete projects. Determining land boundaries can prevent project delays. You need a team that understands Wisconsin regulations and survey requirements. Our surveyors will help you get the data you need to ensure your project complies with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Build and maintain accurate records. By using the newest and best electronic survey technology, our team will collect accurate land data. Regardless of the land shape or topography, we’ll provide you the most detailed and accurate information possible.
  • Analyze and interpret data. After collecting land survey data, our team will analyze the data and present it in a digestible manner. Our interpretation and analysis will include data descriptions, graphs and tables for clear presentation. We will answer any questions that arise to help clients understand.

Our land survey team will fulfill all your land survey needs in a quick and efficient manner and will communicate data in an easy-to-comprehend manner. We will address any questions with the service and care for which we are known in Wisconsin and across the Midwest.


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Work with a land surveying company in Wisconsin

Fehr Graham has a reputation as one of the most trusted land survey firms in Wisconsin. Our numerous projects speak to our commitment to quality work. From identifying property lines to performing site surveys, our work has been the cornerstone of many successful projects. Some of our work in Wisconsin and the Midwest includes:

Land surveying requires a keen eye for detail, knowledge of local requirements and an understanding of Wisconsin’s topography. When you team up with Fehr Graham, the premier land surveying company in Wisconsin, you benefit from decades of experience helping municipalities and developers get their projects off the ground the right way.


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