President Biden gets serious about water infrastructure
Fehr Graham
By now most have heard about the American Jobs Plan announced by President Joe Biden at the end of M...
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Water infrastructure overhaul a bargain in Ludlow
Matthew Johnson
As communities across the country struggle with the ability and funding to update their water infras...
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Funding solutions equal more infrastructure opportunities for communities
Naren Patel
Municipal leaders face difficult decisions every day. With limited budgets, they must choose which i...
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GIS has big role in watershed planning
Katrina Santos
Developing a Watershed Plan for a community can have a ripple effect. Improving and protecting our m...
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Construction inspectors help build communities, relationships while managing expectations
Cody Buelt
States, counties, cities and towns of all sizes spend billions of dollars each year to improve infra...
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Benefits of mapping flood risk
Jeff Macke
In a previous post, I explained how communities are funding stormwater utility programs through user...
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Nutrients in our water - too much of a good thing and how to get rid of them
Katie McKirahan
Too many nutrients in our water streams can mean large environmental, social and economic costs. Was...
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