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Looking for a fun and functional way to use your communities’ natural resources to create a recreational space that your Illinois community will love? Fehr Graham has experience creating seasonal and year-round facilities to help the public cool off, relax, exercise and more. We work with organizations that want their vision to come to life. Recreation areas are important to promote community growth and maintain quality of life. Residents also value recreational options when choosing where to live, which affects economic growth.


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What do our parks and recreation services include?

Whether you are looking to build a recreation space such as a public pool or add trails to your community’s park system, our landscape architects and engineering experts can help navigate the challenges of implementing your vision by creating a tailored plan to meet your needs.

We have experience providing:

  • Park, campground, and open spaces design.
  • Pool, splash pad and aquatics design.
  • Boat access design.
  • Park master planning.
  • Community outreach.
  • Funding solutions.


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Do you need help securing grants for Illinois park projects?

Building recreation spaces or updating facilities can be expensive. We can help! Fehr Graham can help secure funding to improve Illinois parks and recreation areas by offering guidance, navigating red tape and developing a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of the community, your development goals and grant requirements.


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Ready to update your recreation facility’s aesthetics?

While it is important to create a plan within budget, accessible, safe, and completed in a timely manner, it is also essential to create a design with aesthetic appeal. Residents are more likely to visit a recreation facility that is well-maintained and meets compliance standards. An attractive structure is more likely to have tourist and residents use the facility, which increases economic revenue.


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