Endangered species spark Illinois environmental requirements
Pat Kelsey
Approval for construction projects might require additional time and money moving forward, but for a...
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Iowa drinking water standards for quality and health
Ryan Wicks
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages state water quality standards to ensure all s...
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The bioremediation of contaminated soil polluted with heavy metals
Dillon Plamann
Bioremediation — the use of microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants — is a widely used and co...
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Is your workplace safe? Hazard communication is critical when workers are exposed to chemical hazards
Gordy Koch
Sometimes, workers make poor choices. But as employers, it's our job to educate them to make the bes...
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Understanding the biological wastewater treatment process
Lucas Elsbernd
Even after the primary physical treatment, wastewater contains large quantities of dissolved and col...
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The reasons behind a water distribution system upgrade
Seth Gronewold
A 2020 Yale Environment Review article calls attention to declining drinking water distribution syst...
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Finding life after a brownfield site remediation
Ross Grimes
From small, boarded-up gas stations to abandoned factories, variously sized brownfields comprise fam...
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