Your all-in-one civil engineering company in Illinois

An all-in-one civil engineering company in Illinois

Civil engineering is beyond carefully designed infrastructure and involves a considerable amount of land development before projects commence. Whether you are developing roads, sidewalks, parking lots or wastewater treatment plants, you need a functional, environmentally friendly design that reflects your budget and community. At Fehr Graham, we understand how successful civil engineering projects can improve the quality of life in Illinois communities.


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Our expertise as a civil engineering company

For big or small civil engineering projects, you need thoughtful designs and relevant information. Otherwise, how can you streamline the land development process and complete the project within the approved budget and timeline? Our dedicated team of civil engineers is experienced creating detailed and unique infrastructure designs across these industries:

  • Commercial.
  • Institutional.
  • Land Development.
  • Municipal.

As a civil engineering company in Illinois, we are committed to developing crucial infrastructure while prioritizing customer safety, visibility, accessibility and sustainability.


How Fehr Graham is different.


Our civil engineering services

Partnering with Fehr Graham can help you accomplish quick and effective results for your project in different engineering disciplines, such as:

Water engineering

Access to safe drinking water is an absolute necessity for every community. Whether you are replacing aging water mains or creating systems to treat, store and distribute water, Fehr Graham’s team of technicians and licensed operators can help your community find the best and most cost-effective water engineering solutions.


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Wastewater engineering

Reliable wastewater collection and treatment preserves public health and the environment in your community. Our wastewater engineering solutions aim to strike the right balance between community needs and ecology. Our innovative solutions can help municipalities extend treatment plant life, improve effluent quality and reduce energy costs.


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Municipal engineering

Municipalities planning civil engineering projects face several challenges, including limited budgets and changing regulations. Our municipal engineering team knows how to address these challenges and help municipalities with community planning.


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Structural engineering

We understand the importance of strong designs to create safe buildings and bridges that last. With our structural engineering team, your project will have a solid foundation.


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Transportation engineering

Transportation projects require functional engineering designs to make travel safer for motorists. Our engineering team can help you develop complex interchanges, and multilane roads, bridges, recreational paths and more.


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Some of our past civil engineering projects in Illinois

Work with an experienced team who has successfully completed numerous Illinois civil engineering projects, including:

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No two civil engineering projects are alike. Our experts have the experience to handle your project’s unique challenges and provide valuable insights on everything from design to funding.


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